How to Use Soap Nuts

Soap nuts are simple to use and work in concert, as both a natural laundry detergent and fabric softener.   Everything you need is included:  a muslin bag and dozens of dried soap nuts.   Depending on the nees of your wash, simply:


  1. add the soapnuts to the muslin bag

  2. secure it with the tie

  3. toss the bundle in your laundry

  4. resue the soapnuts a few times before returning them to the Earth as compost

Soap nuts work with most all fabrics and being 100% natural, are gentle on the skin.   Through soap nuts do not have a natural fragrance, they are capable of removing odors, such as rancid smell resulting from oils.   For fragrance, you can always add a few drops of essential oil to your laundry, which will diffuse during the wash cycle.


Soap nuts also work better in soft water.   For arease with hard water, keep in mind that an average of more soap nuts will be needed per load.   However, since soap nuts are reusable, you can still save in the long run.


As said, soap nuts can be reused a few times before being discarded.   If you're washing both hot and cold loads, start with the hot first.   For cold-only wash cycles, soak the soapnuts in warm/hot water first to activate the saponin and then, add the entire solution to your laundry.   This way, you get the full effect of the soap nuts from the very start.

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