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Soap Nuts ~ Pet Care

Cleansing Rinse (Shampoo) for Pets and Horses


  1. Pre-rinse horse with warm water.

  2. Add 200 ml of Soap Nut Liquid to wash bucket 1/2 full of warm water.

  3. Use a sponge or bathing mitt and wash horses as usual.

  4. Rinse.


  • Will not strip haircoat of natural oils, maintaining shine. No need for conditioner

  • Will not irritate skin or cause breakouts caused by harsh chemicals or synthetic shampoos

  • For white legs, manes and tails, use concentrated.

  • Make sure to keep away from the eyes


Horse and Pet Laundry


  • Clothing - wash blankets in triple concentration of Soap Nut Liquid

  • Other Laundry (saddle pads, leg wraps, bandages, etc.) - wash in double concentration of Soap Nut Liquid in hot water for white items


How to make Soap Nut Liquid (normal strength recipe)

  1. Boil 10-12 soap nuts in 6 cups of water for 30 minutes until it is boiled down to 4 cups.

  2. Put 1/4 cup liquid into the laundry.


Tip: its best to make smaller batches as it can spoil without preservatives.

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