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Uses for Soap Nuts

All purpose cleaner: Boil soap nuts and separate the pulp from liquid with a strainer. Add the solution to a spray bottle and use for cleaning surfaces, windows, mirrors, and stovetops.


Steam-cleaning spot treatment: Add your soap-nuts solution to a portable steam cleaner. Though soap nuts have no fragrance, they can help remove odors from fabrics, such as curtains and upholstery.


Liquid hand soap: A water basin of warm water and a few soaked soap nuts can serve as a wash for your hands and face. For more foam though, add the solution to a portable foaming pump-bottle and use is anywhere.


Shampoo: Though soap nuts do not lather as much as commercial shampoos do, they do clean well and are safe for both humans and pets. CAUTION: if the liquid gets into the eyes of it will sting, please be careful.


Jewelry cleaner: Regular dishwashing liquid has long been used as a convenient jewelry cleaner; soap nuts can be used in the same way. Soak jewelry in a solution of soap nuts and warm water and use a soft-bristle toothbrush to loosen any dirt.


Dishwasher soap: Add vinegar to the load as a rinsing agent and wash dishes as you normally would.

Vegetable wash: Being a fruit and 100% natural, you won't need to fear washing your vegetables with chemicals when using soap nuts.


Insect Repellant: works on various pests, such as mosquitoes. Soak the soap nuts, strain the liquid, and add to a spray bottle. Apply to arms and legs before going outdoors  .Also works to get rid of pests on house and garden plants.


Unlike otherer cleaners, soap nuts do not rely on lab-created chemicals to do the job. Rather, the naturally-occurring saponin in their shells is all that’s needed. Also, since soap nuts do not lather as much as commercial detergents, less water is needed to rinse their suds away. Using soap nuts enables you to reduce, reuse, and recycle — the three R’s of the environment.


For those with allergies, soap nuts are also ideal. As a hypoallergenic product, they can be used for most any purpose, from laundry to cleaning the windows. The residue left behind won’t trigger common allergies, nor agitate sensitive skin. For babies and people with skin conditions, such as psoriasis, soap nuts can quell any and all concerns.


As a household cleaner, the nuts can be used in every room. And in the end, once you’ve used and reused your shells, you can simply return them to the Earth. If you already have a compost pile for your garden, soap nuts are a perfect addition. Biodegradable, the shells are far from being waste.

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